Let Order Product for Steel Parts and Conclusion Parts to MATEC cuz of specialist for Cold & Heat Forge, Press Works, Machinnery Works!

Let Order Product for Steel Parts and Conclusion Parts to MATEC cuz of specialist for Cold & Heat Forge, Press Works, Machinnery Works!

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Company Profile

Company Name MATEC Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 462-0844 Japan
1-9-15 Shimizu, Kita-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi-Pref,
Handa Plant 475-0823 Japan
4-5-2 Minato-machi, Handa-city, Aichi-Pref,
TEL:+81-(0)569-23-5200 TEL:+81-(0)569-23-5200
Foundation March 1924
Establishment December 1952
Capital 30 million JPY
Chief Executive Officer Takehiko Masuyama (President)
Accounting Period December
Business Items Insulator Fittings (Pin, Cap)
 Parts for Automobile
 Parts for Construction
 Parts for Industrial Machines
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  • Company Profile
  • Company Profile

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Handa Plant
4-5-2 Minato-machi, Handa-city, Aichi-Pref,
  • Corporate Policy

    Purpose for contribute to the society with sustainable development and growth by efficiently management

  • Corporate Philosophy

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      MATEC exist for Customers, Employees, Shareholders, National Society, pursue the happiness of parties under the customer first principle.
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      MATEC as a comprehensive joint parts manufacturer, we will continue to offer higher quality products to support all industrial stages.
    3. 3.
      MATEC has good customers and good employees, we will be a company that can contribute to society more, so we look forward to the development of higher technology, and we will continue progressive response more quickly than anyone else.
    4. 4.
      MATEC constantly look forward to the future while checking the own position, keep on growth with dreams and passion.
  • Code of Conduct

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      . In order to make our company a wonderful company that everyone recognizes, we will try to become a great member of society by limiting ourselves.
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      We act with zeal and passion for everything.
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      We will care about the environment inside & outside the company, our actions, words, and we will strive to make progress on a daily basis.
  • History

    around 1910 The founder Tetsuitsu Masuyama become a pupil of the master of blacksmith at Osaka Japan.
    around 1920 The master of blacksmith choose the way to retire cuz of aged. And the master hand over his own all customers to senior pupil for East side and Tetsuitsu for West side of Japan.
    1924 Tetsuitsu Masuyama opened the factory at Middle of Nagoya Japan for Hot Forge.
    1924-1948 Tetsuitsu produced the farm implements etc. And Tetsuitsu gifted farm implement products to Japanese Emperor for harvest festival.
    1949 Started production insulator fittings
    1952 Established the company named “Masuyama Iron Works”
    1961 Factory relocated to Nagakute (East side of Nagoya).
    1974 Started Cold Forging for automobile.
    1987 Company name change to MATEC Co.,Ltd.
    1993 Introduces the 3rd large facilities of bolt parts former as BPF660
    1999 MATEC merged Asahi Tanzou absorbed and factory relocation to Handa. And Hot Forging business & Cold Forging business becomes about half.
    2002 Obtain ISO9001
    2005 MATEC merged Kajijyu absorbed.
    2010 Introduces the 4th large facilities of bolt parts former as BPF760
    2012 First overseas base and factory established in Thailand named MATEC SOUTHEAST ASIA (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. as MSAT. And last 3 former facilities moved into MSAT from MATEC.
    2015 MATEC expanded cutting equipment and Machinnery works became 50% of business.
  • Factory landscape
  • Factory landscape
  • Factory landscape
  • ISO 9001 certified factory
  • Factory landscape
  • Factory landscape

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